Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday, September 12, 2015: (Most Holy Name of Mary)
Jesus said: “My people, I brought My victory over sin and death into the world with My death on the cross and My Resurrection from the dead. This is the Good News that I want all of My faithful to rejoice in with My saving grace. When you seek My forgiveness of your sins, and accept Me as the Master over your lives, then you share in My salvation of your soul to be free from the bonds of your sins. I call all of My faithful to be strong in their faith by daily prayer, frequent Mass, and monthly Confession. Learn the tenets of your faith and defend them, and you will be building up your faith on the rock of St. Peter. Those people, who do not trust in Me, and do not believe in Me, are building their lives on sand, so they will not be able to stand up against the evil one. I want My faithful to act on their faith by doing good deeds for their neighbor, and this will be a witness to others that their fruit is coming from a good tree. Too many times you see the evil ones doing bad deeds, as they witness to bearing bad fruit from a bad tree. Those people, who are good, are on the way to heaven and they are following Me. Those people, who are evil, are on a path to hell, and are following the devil. My faithful are called to evangelize souls, so you can help save them from hell. You do not want to see any soul lost to hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you two situations in life. In the first scene, it is someone who aspires to come to the higher levels of heaven. It is not easy to overcome the desires of the body, and sometimes you fall into sin. I love all of My faithful, even if they offend Me with their sins. I have given you My sacrament of Reconciliation so you can come and ask My forgiveness for your sins. The vision of swimming in the water, represents how your sins can be cleansed in Confession. The climbing of stairs represents how people need to work harder to be holier persons, so they can one day be elevated to the higher places in heaven. There is another scene, but it is of souls in purgatory as they also aspire to be with God in heaven. The suffering of purification in purgatory is also represented by the swimming in water, but these souls are suffering a lot more by not seeing Me, and these souls are at the mercy of people on earth who pray for them. These poor souls can suffer many years until My Blessed Mother brings them to heaven. They are promised one day to be with Me, and I will determine their level in heaven. I want My souls on earth to be merciful for these souls in purgatory. They are saved, but your prayers and Masses can hasten the time of their release from purgatory. All of the souls that you help to heaven, will remember you forever, and they will pray for your release from any purgatory that you could suffer. Remember your prayer intentions for poor sinners and the poor souls in purgatory, and this could help you to gain the higher places in heaven that you desire.”