Saturday, September 12, 2009

St. Michael said: “I am Michael and I stand before God in praise and I am the defender of America. I am coming to give you a message of the spiritual battle that is going on in America. The masons and the one world people are working behind the scenes to bring down America and remove any worship of God in public. You are seeing in this current Administration how many of your freedoms are being taken away. You are already forced to have microchips in your passports and driver’s licenses. This new health plan will force you to carry another chipped card for your health benefits. This will eventually lead to mandatory chips in the body which you must refuse to take even under pain of death. Another freedom of worship will soon come under attack as your government will try to impose New Age teachings on everyone. This attack will force My faithful to go underground to worship God. This spiritual battle is where God’s faithful must call on Jesus and us angels to defend you from the evil one world people and their new world order. Your current leader will then remove the rest of your sovereignty rights when he brings America into the North American Union. See the need for heaven’s protection because the time for martial law is coming quickly when you will need to have your guardian angels lead you to God’s refuges. Be thankful for all of those faithful that are being called to set up refuges for the faithful remnant. You will also have to endure the coming division in the Church. Trust in God and us angels for your protection.”