Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday, September 10, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel is full of good advice for your souls. I want My faithful disciples to be like the good tree, and bear fruit of your good works. It is true that you can tell about people in the deeds that they do in life. If you are a true disciple, you will listen to My Word and act on it. You will see mostly evil deeds come forth from an evil person, but a good person will perform good deeds for his or her neighbor out of love for Me. I also spoke about building a house on rock, instead of on sand where storms will destroy a house. This is true about the foundation you build for your faith in Me. You should build your faith around daily prayer, and daily Mass when you can, so you are always fed by My Blessed Sacrament. My graces will sustain you through the trials of life. Frequent Confession also will keep your soul pure. By trusting in Me as your Master, I will provide for all of your needs. Those people, who do not have a love relationship with Me, will suffer twice as much without My help, and could be lost.”

(4:00 p.m. Mass) Jesus said: “My people, today’s Gospel was quite long, but it spoke of two themes, the Good Shepherd, and the Prodigal Son. You know how much I love all of you, and I will leave the ninety-nine sheep in the desert to find the lost sheep. There is rejoicing in heaven over even one soul who repents and is converted. In the second parable the father was waiting for his lost son to come home. When the prodigal son did return, the father rejoiced with a feast because the son, who was lost, is now found. The second son was upset how his father treated the first son with a feast after spending his inheritance on prostitutes. The father assured the second son of his love, but the father was happy to have his first son home again. This is how I love all sinners as well, when I wait for them to seek My forgiveness of their sins. In the vision you are seeing how My mouth was covered so I could not speak. This is in reference to certain places where people are not allowed to speak My Name, Jesus. Your religious freedoms are being attacked, but My faithful need to speak My Name freely without worry of being persecuted. Shout My Name from the rooftops, because the evil ones run from My Name, and they fear My power being invoked. You will see Christians persecuted more as time goes on, but keep the faith no matter how much you are threatened. Do not let the atheists win by keeping you silent. You must speak the truth to witness your allegiance to your Lord.”