Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, when this woman came to the well, I told her that she could ask Me for ‘Living Water’ that I would give her in the Holy Spirit. Every day My faithful need to come to Me with your morning offering, and receive Me in Holy Communion if you come to daily Mass. Just as the woman came every day for water to survive in the body, so you need to call on My graces every day as My daily Bread of Communion for your heavenly food. You are dependent on Me every day for all that you have, even for your very existence. Give praise and thanks to Me for everything that you receive, and not just when you are having problems and difficulties with life. When you are strong in your faith and act on My words, then you will show the good fruit coming from your heart by your charity to your neighbor. Those, who have evil hearts, can only bring forth evil deeds. Work to convert these evil hearts by My grace so they can bring forth good fruit as well. My faithful, who have made a foundation of faith in Me, are strong against the evil one. They have built their faith on the rock of St. Peter in following My Pope and My Church. Those, who have no foundation in faith in Me, are like people who build their houses on sand. When the storms of the evil one’s temptations come, they will fall to sin with no protection. So trust in Me and act on My words, and you will have eternal life in heaven.”