Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, love in your heart for Me and your neighbor is what I desire of all of My faithful because I am love itself.  It is the devil and all the evil ones who have greed and lust for blood and wealth.  Your earthly distractions of possessions and money are always temptations from My ways, but with My grace you will be strengthened to resist them.  Do not be heartless in your relations with others, but think from the heart in how to lovingly respond to all situations.  In you society it teaches you to be selfish and independent of others.  You are totally dependent on Me for everything in your life, and that is why you need to worship Me and thank Me everyday for My gifts to you.  Everything, that you have, has come through Me either directly or indirectly.  Instead of focusing your priorities on your own wants and desires, think more how you can love Me and help others in their needs.  Make some sacrifices of your time and money out of love for Me by charity to your neighbor.  You will see more joy in your heart from giving money away than spending it selfishly on all the latest possessions.  Work on putting more love in your heart so you can replace your previous cold hearts.  Open your hearts to Me, and I will help you to be more loving.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a large loaf of bread is very much how I would multiply food for you at your homes, and at the refuges.  I have mentioned before when the faithful see My miracles, they will have less worry and anxiety how I will provide for your needs of food, water, and shelter at My refuges.  I gave the Israelites manna on the ground, and I will provide bread for My people of the tribulation as well.  Seeing a vision of such a miracle of bread multiplication, gives you a remembrance of how I multiplied the bread and fish for the four thousand and the five thousand.  I will also have My angels give you My Eucharistic Bread as well, if you do not have a priest for a Mass.  Rejoice that I will perform these miracles for you, even as I promised that I would do this for you.”