Saturday, October 4, 2008: (St. Francis of Assisi)

Jesus said: “My people, many of you may desire to have the newest home and cars, or the latest electronic devices in your world of today. But even now your economy is in a down turn and credit to buy these things is more difficult. St. Francis also had wealth from his family, but he decided to give up his inheritance to live a life of poverty in complete trust of Me to provide for him. He started the Franciscan Order which also kept his principles of living simply and teaching the faith. It may be difficult for everyone to live in poverty, but living a simple life with a minimum of expensive items should be everyone’s calling. It is your focus to follow Me in love and teach your family the faith that is more important than your possessions. Living a life of detachment from luxuries and using only what is necessary, puts your emphasis more on the things of heaven than on the things of earth. Heaven is forever, while earthly things pass away tomorrow. Follow your soul’s craving to be with Me in heaven rather than the body’s desires for pleasures and comforts.”
Jesus said: “My people, there is no denying that a soul is placed in the first cell of conception of an egg and a sperm. The human chromosomes present could only produce a human being if allowed to mature. This fertilized egg is no less or more human as it develops into a baby. Man’s inhumanity to man is seen the most in your millions of abortions every year, even worse than those killed in your wars or by your dictators. Human life in the womb is innocent and defenseless against the doctors who brutally use their instruments to tear these little bodies into pieces. How long do you think that I am going to let this carnage of My babies go on? I assure you that America and all other nations who allow abortions are about to have a taste of My wrath in a world cleansing that you have never seen. The natural disasters and few discomforts in your finances will seem like nothing compared to what is about to befall you. You are about to see the most brutal killing spree brought on your people in America that you have ever seen. This will be once the one world people take over your country. Only My refuges will be your places of safety. This persecution, famine, and killings will only have a brief reign. At the height of the Antichrist’s power, I will bring My justice down on the evil people and demons, and they will all be cast into the flames of hell to wail and gnash their teeth. Evil is being permitted for a while, but My faithful will be protected and rewarded in My Era of Peace and in heaven. You may lose all of your earthly possessions, but you will gain heaven for all eternity.”