Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I know that all souls should be struggling against the temptations of the devil out of love for Me. You should desire to be with Me in heaven out of love, but those, who reject Me, are risking the eternal fires of hell. There is a gift of the Holy Spirit in the fear of the Lord, but this should make everyone humble before Me. Those, who are faithful to Me in their daily prayers, works for their neighbor, and have love of God and neighbor, need not fear because you will be with Me one day in heaven. You are seeing in the vision how many souls will forever suffer in the flames of hell because of their rejection of Me. You are seeing so many souls around you who are all living in the body and have not yet been judged. This is why it is so important to pray for the souls in your family and all sinners in the world so My mercy can forgive them of their sins. Pray for My Most Precious Blood to be poured out on these sinners so that souls, who are away from Me, will be predisposed to My love in their hearts. I do not force My love on the free will of any soul. Those, who are praying for sinners, can be instrumental in saving souls. So be persistent in praying for sinners. You can pray for the souls in purgatory also, but they are already saved from hell. Praying for sinners should be your most important intention as well as evangelizing souls to convert their lives to Me.”

Jesus said: “My people, you were hearing your priest speak about the Little Way of St. Therese, and how you should be more childlike in your faith and your actions. You also need to have a pure and chaste soul because many souls are going to hell because of the sins of the flesh. Many affairs are started by men looking on women with lust in their hearts. Some women dress immodestly and throw themselves at the men. I am always warning people not to be involved with adultery, fornication, masturbation, birth control devices, or homosexual acts. You have strong urges at times, but you must guard your eyes and your passions to avoid the sins of the flesh. Even living together without marriage can be sinful and an occasion of sin that should be avoided. You can live a chaste life by asking My help, and ask for the grace of purity to correct any habitual sexual sin. Most sexual sins are mortal sins because they abuse the proper way of providing for children in a loving environment. If you do fall to such sins, you will need Confession so you can be worthy to receive Me in Holy Communion. This is one type of sin that takes spiritual strength to avoid, so guard your eyes and be faithful to your spouses if you are married. By living a chaste life, this will help you in fighting off other temptations as well. In all that you do, you should live to show Me your love by not offending Me with any sinful actions.”