Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, when you think of the fruit of your life, there are two lives because you are made up of body and spirit. You are concerned with the body’s survival and the soul’s eternal survival with Me. In the vision you see gold or money which is needed to buy your food and support your living accommodations. You have a work vocation to earn a living, and I give each of you special gifts in various trades. You, My son, were given a gift in the sciences to work as a chemist. Others were given gifts for other professions. You are called to be providers for your family. But do not let your earthly desires for comforts and financial security, consume your time. This life is temporary, but you are truly seeking an eternal life with Me in love, and also during your time on earth. Your spiritual fruit is how you know, love, and serve Me. I give you My Eucharist every day for those who come to daily Mass. Those souls, who are close to Me, allow Me to be the Master and center of their lives. Just as you were given physical gifts to earn your living for the body, so you were also given spiritual gifts to bring you close to Me in prayer, worship, and perform good works for your neighbor. You have the gifts of the Holy Spirit and My own Self that I share with you in Holy Communion. I want you to use all of your gifts to provide the fruit that I am seeking in your love of Me and love of your neighbor. It is this fruit of how you loved in the world that will be your witness before Me at your judgment. So live your life in My love, so I can see that you are a fruitful fig tree, and you are worthy of coming into heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want to describe to you how souls are suffering in hell, but they all chose to be there of their own free will. These soul bodies are experiencing a burning sensation from the eternal flames of hell. They are constantly being tormented by the demons, and they will never see My face or love again. They are in a hopeless state of only experiencing hate with no love. You do not want any of your relatives, friends, or anyone to come to hell. Hell is eternal, and it was made for the bad angels who disobeyed Me. I am showing you this experience to warn people of the consequences of their sins when they refuse to love and worship Me. I will bring My Warning to give all sinners one last chance to be saved from hell, by repenting of their sins and changing their lives of sin. Souls, who are heading to hell, will be warned and shown what hell is like. I showed the children at Fatima a vision of hell, so you all could pray for poor sinners. You have heard testimonies of those souls who were in hell briefly in near death experiences. My people, you are called to pray for sinners in conversion, so you can save as many souls as possible from hell with My help. Many souls are falling into hell, and your prayers are needed desperately to help souls from going to hell. Give good example to all of your relatives and friends, so they could be saved, especially conversions after the Warning.”