Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010: (Guardian Angels)
Mark said: “I am Mark and I stand before God. You remember in Scripture when the Lord came to the prophet in a whisper. This is also how you need to be quiet to hear my prompting to do good things. You are also in some dangerous physical environment at times where I am looking out for your safety. You also need to avoid occasions of sin in some temptations in flipping through channels of your TV and also on the internet. Guard your eyes also from dwelling on sinful thoughts. When you are on your way to your talks, I am also with you to help you arrive on time. Thank you for praying for my help in your morning prayers. I am always at your side for advice and spiritual help, so call on me whenever you are having difficulties in life.”

Jesus said: “My people, every town has at least one church and the old churches could be found by looking for a tall steeple. You are seeing a decline in Sunday Mass attendance in many parts of America. There is a process going on that could have many contributing factors, but the main problem is that people are becoming lukewarm in their faith. First you see a closing of your Catholic parish schools. Then you see clusters formed of neighboring churches. This is finally followed by closing some of the clustered churches. Part of this problem is that the parishioners are not being spiritually fed by just a ten minute homily every Sunday. People have become so lazy in their faith, that they get upset if the homily is any longer than ten minutes. To truly feed My people, you should be hearing a half hour sermon that could teach My people more about the basics of the faith. A sermon is a teaching experience, while a homily is just a rewording of the readings, and not always an application to your daily lives. By spending more time to teach everyone the basics of the faith, then coming to Mass would be more inspiring. Many Catholics are going to Protestant groups that preach a lot longer than ten minutes. Once you truly understand the basics of your faith, you would not desire to give up My Eucharist to attend another church. My priests and bishops need to build up the people’s faith, or you will see your attendance at Mass get even worse.”