Saturday, October 19, 2007: (Margaret Farnand funeral Mass)

Jesus said: “My people, you are celebrating the life of Margaret in sorrow, but also in joy that all of her suffering is over, now that she is with Me. She was a very loving mother and grandmother to all of her family, even to her dying day. She still loves all of you, and she will be mothering you in her caring prayers, even from heaven. There is a strong love for Me in these visions of the Mass, and all of heaven is greeting her, even as Margaret’s relatives welcomed her. Rejoice in the gift of her life as she will always be revered in your hearts.”
(40th Anniversary with Bishop Clark) Jesus said: “My people, this unveiling of the crucifix on your altar at this church is a fulfillment of all of your prayers and wishes to have this happen. I told you that this would be carried out so you should not be surprised to see this happen. This portrayal in the vision of many prayer petitions and your persistence is another reason that I have brought this about for you. This crucifix truly will be an inspiration to your people and it will have more meaning than you know. These petitions for bringing this display about shows you how strong your prayers can be when it is according to My Will, and how it will help many souls. Now, even as this petition of your prayer group has been answered, it is your place to give Me praise and thanks for helping you to accomplish your goal. You all have been instrumental in helping the people to finally focus on My loving sacrifice in a church of My Holy Name. This put a fitting climax on the start of your Novena to celebrate your 40th Anniversary of this church. It took 40 years to have a crucifix on your altar, and now truly you can see Me as the pastor of this church.”