Saturday, October 17, 2009: (St. Ignatius of Antioch)

Jesus said: “My people, this sap running down the tree in the vision is the life blood of the tree. The water and nutrients are brought up from the roots to feed the leaves of the tree. It is very much like your blood that circulates your body bringing the cells oxygen and nutrients as well. I am mentioning these parallels in the physical world so you can understand that My grace from My sacraments is like your life blood for your soul. If you allow your sins to accumulate, after a while your sins will blot out all of your graces. Once grace is lacking in your soul, especially from mortal sin, then your soul is dead to Me with little if any connection in love. This is what happens when you stop going to Sunday Mass, forget your daily prayers, and avoid Confession. It is time for My people to wake up out of their spiritual laziness and come back to Me in My sacraments. Confession can release you of your bonds of sin, and restore My graces to your soul. Remembering Me every day in your prayers is like a lover who tells his spouse how much he loves her every day. You can find the time for at least one hour a week to attend Sunday Mass so you can receive more graces in Holy Communion. Keep close to Me every day in prayer and frequent Confession, and you can keep your soul vibrant in My graces instead of being dead in your sins.”
Jesus said: “My people, some Southern states have been plagued with occasional sink holes when the ground gives way to underground caverns. As fresh water is drained from your water wells or oil from the oil wells, you can create a cavity that could lend itself to sink holes. Wherever there have been fires, the water from rain starts to erode the land causing mud slides. These events can unsettle people who could lose their homes to such destruction. As long as people build their homes near water or on sandy hills, they are risking losses to mud slides and storms. Pray for your people to build their homes in less risky areas so they do not have to constantly worry about major natural disasters.”