Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014:
Jesus said: “My people, this pillar of fire which led the Israelites in the desert, is now leading My Church. It represents the fire of the Holy Spirit leading My faithful through the darkness of sin in this world. The devil and sin has blinded many people with addictions and the pleasures and comforts of this life. Many people do not understand that as I suffered in this world, My faithful will suffer with Me also. I have been preparing My people for the coming tribulation, which many people do not want to know about. I have been calling some faithful people to prepare refuges that will protect My faithful from the evil ones who want to persecute and kill all the Christians. You will be enduring a modern day Exodus, where My people will take their backpacks, and be guided by My angels to the nearest refuge. This means leaving your homes and comforts behind, and coming to My safe havens to protect your bodies and souls from persecution and martyrdom. You will be living rustic lives at My refuges, but I will make saints out of My faithful by stripping you of your money and your possessions. Many may not want to live this hard life, but if you remain in your homes, you will face the men in black who will kill My believers in the death camps. This is why I am asking My faithful to support My refuge builders in their expenses because the money will be lost anyway under the Antichrist. If you know places of refuge, you could help them in any construction and pray for these builders. Many will seek refuges as places of safety, so be generous to help the builders in their time of need. Remember that they will be helping you, as I have led them to build a refuge.”