Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, you know at Baptism at any age, that the soul is cleansed not only of original sin, but also from all of their actual sins. Usually, the white garment worn is a sign of the white clean soul after all sin is forgiven. This font of water near a confessional means that in Confession, once your sins are absolved, you too will have a white soul free of sin just as after Baptism. Keeping your soul cleansed at least once a month in Confession is not asking too much of your time. It is better to plan your events around your prayer time and Confession time than the reverse. Your soul’s state of grace is more important than any earthly events. If you cannot find time for daily prayer and going to Confession, then you are too busy, and you need to be more spiritual and less in the world. Make time for Me in your life, and you will have an eternity with Me in heaven.”