Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, you think nothing now about reading your Bible, your holy books, or your old history books. But when the evil ones start to censor even your reading books, then you will find it difficult to find books of God and old history books. Even if these books are found in your possession, they will put you in jail for spreading propaganda. This has happened in Germany under Hitler, and in Russia and China. These evil masters are against the Word of God and all speaking of truth in even your literature. Once you lose the right of free speech, then you will become nothing more than slaves to your dictators. Learn these lessons from history, or you will live to repeat them when America is taken over by dictators. Once you remove Me from your public places and homes, then you are inviting the evil masters to control you. Wake up America before it is too late to change your destiny.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have another battle for life going on over your abortion issue. The evil side offers death as their answer to problem pregnancies. That is why the pro-abortion movement is part of your death culture. Your pro-life people are urging mothers to have their babies, even if it means putting the babies up for adoption. For the mothers who want to keep their babies, you have help centers for women that provides needs for the baby as you bring them up. This fork in the road is not only a choice to have the baby or kill the baby, but it is the choice to take either the broad road to hell, or the narrow road to heaven. Those, who start down the road to hell, still can change their direction at any time before their death. Those, who choose the narrow road, still need perseverance in their prayers, Mass, and good deeds. My faithful are also called to evangelize souls and save even these lost souls from going to hell. In the end you are asked to either choose the blessing or the curse. Those, who choose life, are the souls on the right path to heaven.”