Saturday, November 24, 2007: (St. Andrew & Vietnam martyrs)

Jesus said: “My people, when you die, have an out of body experience in a near death event, or have the Warning experience, you will be completely detached from the things of this world. In that state you will wonder why you sought after so many material things that would only pass away and become useless or obsolete. Even your money and possessions are passing away. The only thing of value is love of Me and your neighbor, as well as your charitable good deeds. It is the spiritual things in your life that are most valuable. When you come face to face with your Creator, you will realize this truth even more. You do not need this separation of your body and soul in order to learn of these values, because you have My Word in Scripture to show you how important your soul is to your eternal life. This body will pass away because it is mortal, but your soul will live on because it is immortal. All the more reason to protect your soul from sin, and renew the graces in your soul by repenting in Confession, and healing sin with Holy Communion. My sacraments are your source of spiritual food and graces to nourish your soul, and keep it spiritually healthy. Love of Me and souls should be your first desire, and not the things of the world that pass away. Keep your focus on praising Me and evangelizing souls, and you will receive your reward in heaven. Caring for your neighbor in action and prayer will also gain you treasure in heaven.”