Saturday, November 22, 2008: (St. Cecilia)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of what comes out of a sewer pipe represents the moral decay in your society of America. You know how the death culture is focused on abortion, wars, and euthanasia. But you also have homosexual activity, birth control, sterilization, prostitution, adult bookshops, bad movies, cloning of humans, and many other perversions going on in your country. Just as raw sewage is offensive to you, these evil things that I have mentioned are very offensive to Me. I have given many messages to change your lifestyles and repent of your sins, but they are falling on deaf ears that would rather enjoy their earthly pleasures than repent. Because of your unwillingness to seek My forgiveness for your evil behavior, I will be stripping you of your money and possessions, and even the very control of your government. Your country was founded on many God-fearing ideals that have fallen by the wayside. Now you will be paying the consequences for worshiping the gods of this world instead of worshiping Me. Be prepared for your coming persecution.”
Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are celebrating bringing your Democratic candidate into the Presidency. They are also celebrating prematurely how they are going to take over the world through all of their planned unions for each continent. The money people on Wall Street are still being allowed to short stocks like the financials and auto stocks down to low numbers. With your economy dropping as the stocks drop, jobs being laid off, and very little buying, you could see a time of chaos coming in further foreclosures and desperation for food items. It will be this fear, looting, and riots which will play into the hands of the one world people who will use this as an excuse for martial law and a take over of the money and your government. When they bankrupt your country, they will then issue a new currency in the amero, as your dollar based assets will become near worthless. This will be the currency of the North American Union which will do away with nationalism in Canada, America, and Mexico. Your sovereignty rights and your Bill of Rights will be lost overnight, and you will wonder how all of this could be brought about. This loss of freedom will be a consequence of your unrepentant sins and your worship of earthly gods before Me. Pray to Me for help and give thanks for My protection at your refuges.”