Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013: (All Souls Day)
Jesus said: “My people, I am merciful, but I am just as well. Many souls, who are not condemned to hell, need to be purified of the temporal punishment due for their sins. Reparation is needed to be purified for heaven. This punishment may seem severe, but only perfected souls can enter heaven in My glory. The souls in hell suffer the flames and the absence of My love forever with no hope of escaping. The souls in purgatory at least have hope that they will be released one day for heaven. The souls, who need more purification, are suffering in flames in their spirit bodies, and they do not experience My loving Presence. Those souls, who need less purification, are in upper purgatory in a grey area, but they still long to be with Me. All souls in purgatory are saved, but they require your prayers and Masses to be freed from their punishment. They cannot free themselves, or pray for themselves. In the vision you saw how a soul fell into the various levels of purgatory after that soul received its judgment. Remember to take advantage of My Divine Mercy Sunday after Easter, so you can receive a plenary indulgence that can remove all reparation due for your sins. This could lessen your time in purgatory. After seeing the suffering of these souls in purgatory, now you see how desperately they are pleading for your prayers and Masses to release them into heaven. Once these souls are freed, they will pray for you both on earth and if you will suffer in purgatory.”