Saturday, November 17, 2007: (St. Elizabeth of Hungary)

Jesus said: “My people, all of you are having to pay more for your winter heating bills as well as your transportation bills in oil and gasoline. Your prices have been driven up by the oil costs which thrives on speculation, and your inherent weak dollar. Your dollar depreciation is a direct result of your deficit government spending and your trade imbalance. A good share of your deficits are being caused by the endless billions of dollars being spent on your war efforts. You are seeing more clearly how your wars are at fault for ruining your economy and weakening your military with no seeming gain to show for the continuation of this war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It may truly be that cutting off your defense funds is the only way to stop this war. It is also the only way to prevent the rich one world people from stealing your money and your country. Pray for an end to this senseless fighting in whatever way you can to stop it.” Jesus said: “My people, many of your weather patterns are changing and each year that the temperature increases a little, the people, who claim global warming, start to complain that nothing is being done. These people are exaggerating the true science about inundating the coastal cities with water in a short time for their global agenda. The global warming alarmists are being controlled by the one world people. The alarmist solutions to the problem of global warming are all globalist ideas that have nothing to do with individual countries. These people are shouting about the melting ice cap in the North and the shrinking glaciers. They are more concerned about the problem than how they propose to fix it. It is the solutions that are worse than the problem because the one world people want to use this excuse for their means to take over the world. Once you hear these globalist ideas, then you will know why they are trying to get their alarming news to the public. Be wary of their conclusions and the globalist solutions. Pray for My protection from the evil ones who are trying to use this science for a world takeover.”