Saturday, November 15, 2008: (St. Albert the Great)

Jesus said: “My people, strong faith in Me does not come automatically, but it is after a long journey of searching for what is most important in life, and that is learning your purpose for being here. You were created to know, love, and serve Me as you received in your childhood. But just as the woman was persistent with the unjust judge, you must be persistent in your faith and trust in Me every day to lead you on the right path to heaven. Once you find Me, you have My peace and love in your soul, which needs constant cleansing with Confession. A good daily prayer life is your link of love with Me, and it also is your strength during the trials of life. Receiving Me worthily in Holy Communion is your spiritual food that feeds your soul and keeps My grace with you. Your faith in Me will give you your endurance and persistence that will direct you on the sea of life to follow the mission that I have given you. This mission is your direction, and only by consecrating everything to Me, can you be open and shaped so I can use you to accomplish this mission. Keep Me as your main focus in life and follow My ways and My Commandments, and you will always be ready to receive Me when I return in glory. When I return and find you faithful, you will be among My faithful remnant that will receive your reward in My Era of Peace and eventually in your place in heaven that I have reserved for you.”
Jesus said: “My people, you experienced some difficulties in getting into this building in after hours, and it is a sign to you of what is coming with your smart cards and drivers’ licenses in taking a plane. You can use money and checks now, but soon a time will be coming when only smart cards with chips will be the only way to buy and sell anything. Once they force you to use such chips, you will have to use your food storage and it may be difficult to pay your taxes challenging the safety in your home. Soon you will also have mandatory chips in the body which will be enforced by the one world people. This will definitely be a time that you will have to leave your homes for a refuge unless you are already an interim or final refuge. At My places of protection the evil ones will not be able to see you or your refuges, and you will be protected by My angels. Your food and fuel will be multiplied so that others may come to you for help. Trust in Me that I will provide for all of your needs, and I will also give you My graces to sustain your strength in this end time. Do not have any fear if you do not have smart cards or chips in the body, for I will defy all of the evil ones’ intentions to cause you harm or prevent you from getting your food. Everything will be given to My faithful in due season, so have no anxiety over what you are to eat, wear, or where you are to live. Pray more for the conversion of sinners because saving souls is your most important mission.”