Saturday, November 14, 2009

At the Gospa Prayer House, North Hills, California I was praying in her apparition room and I could see a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a beautiful white light all around her as I sensed her spiritual presence. The Blessed Mother said: “My dear children, this apparition room is holy ground and I am sending my graces of my Son, Jesus, to all who enter here. You can call on me and my Son for all of your petitions. Welcome to this Betania IV Group as all of my Betania groups are oases of grace and they will be places of protection as refuges throughout the coming tribulation. I want you to welcome the people in my name to comfort them with my love and protection of my mantle. Your personal mission is to prepare the people for the coming end times, but also to inspire faith and trust that my Son and I and the angels will protect our children from the evil ones. You are all being joined in this coming conference as a pooling of heavenly forces so you are prepared as our spiritual soldiers for the coming battle. This meeting is not one of entertainment only, but it is to be one of involving each of you as prayer warriors so you can work together for my Son’s glory.”
Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel reading I am showing you how you should be persistent in your prayer petitions, especially when you pray for souls to be saved. Above all of your petitions, your prayers for the conversion of souls are the most important. When you are making your petitions, understand that those prayers, that are said for people, are the most beneficial that are meant to save their souls. Even at the end of the Gospel, I asked if there would be any faith left on the earth when I return. To help My people to keep their faith until I return, I am sending My Warning experience to give all souls an opportunity to repent of their sins and be converted from their sinful lives. By seeing your life review, you will understand how I view your actions and what is expected of you in this life. From your earliest training you know that you are here to know, love, and serve Me. I do not force anyone against their free will, but those, who desire to be with Me in heaven, are given a calling to accept My mission that I have for them in life. By your own fiat and willingness to consecrate your lives over to Me, you will be on the right path to enter heaven for all eternity. So persevere in your prayers and be strong in your faith every day so you will truly be ready to receive Me when I return to the earth.”