Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, there are some of you who enjoy going to your local parks to view the spring flowers and take pictures of them. This is a wonderful way to appreciate My creations in nature. In the North you have endured the barrenness of winter, so it is a joy to see all of the colorful spring flowers and flowering trees. When you are viewing such beauty, you can say a prayer in thanking Me and giving Me praise to have an opportunity to have life and enjoy these beautiful flowers. There is another beauty when you see babies and the innocent young children. You bring up your children in the faith with Baptism, Confession, and Confirmation. Then by the grace of God you could see them married or become a priest or a nun. This cycle of life has its own beauty over the years and again you need to thank Me for the blessing of children and grandchildren. The beauty of a good spiritual life in harmony with My laws keeps you focused on Me and how I want My children to live and desire to love Me and come to heaven. It is when you let your will and worldly concerns block our relationship that you lose this harmony in sin. I still give you Confession to repent of your sins and return to My good graces. Instead of being gloomy and depressed about your daily problems, you need to trust more in Me and look around at all the beauty of My creation in nature and in all human beings.”
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen your Congress and President spend trillions of dollars for various bank bailouts, stimulus plans, and increased budget spending. Soon further bailouts will be requested for your government mortgage companies and the ongoing billions to pay for your wars. Add this to your current promises in Medicare and Social Security, and you can see your obligations are way beyond your ability to finance with taxpayer dollars. Your representatives have voted for large budgets, but now it is time to appropriate the actual funds or find the means to borrow the actual money needed to pay your deficits. This means selling Treasury bonds, or printing more currency to fund these debts. This financing will put a strain against your artificially low interest rates which will rise as the dollar’s value is further diluted. This stress of financing large sums of money along with your recession and high employment, are a recipe for financial disaster and bankruptcy for your government. All of the good news supposedly from your Wall Street people are quite premature and unrealistic for the current situation. Be prepared to go to your refuges when bankruptcy and martial law will test your people.”