Saturday, May 25, 2024

Saturday, May 25, 2024:
Jesus said: “My people, war between people is an evil thing brought on by Satan and the demons who are stirring up trouble. War spends a lot of money on weapons, but it is the killing of lives that is the ultimate price for these evil deeds. You have seen tyrant governments over the years and how soldiers had to fight to protect your freedom. This Memorial Weekend reminds you of your past wars and your ongoing wars in Israel and the Ukraine. Yet you have communist agitators teaching your children to hate your country that soldiers lost their lives to make you free. There are many evil forces in your governments being controlled by the one world elites. They are preparing to control the world for the Antichrist’s takeover in the tribulation. Be prepared to come to My refuges for My protection. I will destroy these evil ones, and they will be cast into hell. I will protect My faithful and bring you into My victory in My Era of Peace, so trust in Me always.”

Jesus said: “My people, the Truth of My Word in the Bible will set you free from all the evil earthly voices. When you hear My words of love and My desire for your obedience to following My ways instead of man’s ways, then you are seeing the difference between the ways of heaven and the ways of worldly people. It is My words that soften hearts and fill your minds with real Truth. The devil and evil people can only offer you lies and false riches that put you on a path to hell. I show you the path to heaven through love of Me and love of neighbor. Yet when I speak, there are few who want to listen and abide by My words. The best example you can give to someone, is to be a Christian who is imitating My ways. This in the end will give you peace in your heart and soul instead of hate and violence of the world.”