Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010: (St. Rita)
Jesus said: “My people, you have seen in Greece how their government was forcing harsh economic restraints on their people. Most people in America are not aware of the actual reductions in income that these people in Greece are suffering. By the reaction in their streets, it had to be substantial. When the central bankers did not want to buy their bonds, Greece was forced to use economic cutbacks, or face very high interest rates that it could not afford. The central bankers in America hold increasing debts as well, and their intention is to bankrupt your country in order to take it over. They purposely encourage indebtedness so they can control your lives through your debts. Once you are forced to cut back Social Security payments, welfare payments, and Medicare payments to balance your budgets, then your people will see protest marches and possibly riots as well. After debts reach close to your National output, very few investors will want to risk in buying your debt instruments for fear that they will lose their money. When bonds cannot be sold, then your money printing presses will inflate your dollar to near worthless, and chaos will result in an eventual takeover by the North American Union. Your freedoms are gradually being taken away with a socialist government. This is what could cause an open rebellion against your authorities. When violence and chaos begins, it will be necessary to leave for My refuges. These events could happen soon since your debt situation is not much different from Europe. Pray for My help in having your angels lead you to the safety of My refuges.”

Jesus said: “My people, the one world people are using every means at their disposal to allow them to use mind control for running people as robots. One of these tools is to get people interested in using virtual reality head sets or virtual reality movies that are enhanced by a 3-D appearance. In virtual reality you feel like you are living in a different world from reality. This can be useful when the one world people will try to force mind control chips in the body on people. Once you hear voices, they will induce a hypnotic state over you as you will seem to be in a different world. They will then control your actions for how they want to use you, even to kill Christians. So you see that this virtual reality training is a way to condition their subjects to accept chips in the body. This is why I have asked My faithful to avoid virtual reality headsets, movies, and 3-D reality programming to avoid any mind control abuse. Also refuse to take any chips in your body for any reason, even to avoid government health insurance. When you come to My refuges, you will find healing in My luminous cross and you will have food and shelter, so you do not need anything from the government. Trust in My protection from mind control and any persecution by the evil ones. My angels will make you invisible at My refuges as well.”