Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I had St. Paul and My disciples preach My Word to the Jews first. In Antioch St. Paul and Barnabas tried to teach the Jews about Me, but they refused My Word about eternal life in heaven. St. Paul then started to preach My Word to the Gentiles, and they were delighted to be converted. The Jews then persecuted St. Paul and Barnabas, and forced them to leave their town. This is why they shook the dust from their feet in testimony to the rejection of My Word in that town. There is a lesson here in spiritual pride, that everyone is welcome to come into My Church. In the Gospel reading I emphasized My Divine nature to My apostles. I had just told them that they could only come to the Father through Me. When Philip asked Me to show him the Father, I told him: ‘I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.’ I have a human nature and a Divine nature as well. I am still the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. This is a reminder even to My faithful of today. When you receive Me in Holy Communion, you also see the Father and the Holy Spirit. You receive all of Us at once because We are inseparable as Three Persons in one God.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know that the one world people are planning to bankrupt your money system and bring down the dollar. Many of their plans for martial law are very close to being implemented. You know this is close because even the one world people are planning their own places of protection in their underground cities. They have been stocking these places with food and water for many months. They know that there will be rioting and pillaging for food. So they will be seeking protection in their well stocked underground cities. As you see these preparations being made, you know that it is also time to come to My refuges where My faithful will seek My protection. I have told you to store one year’s supply of food and water until you need to leave for My refuges. Even the one world people are warning you to have six months of food and water stored. The dollar will become worthless soon, so having gold, silver and food may be your source of barter until I come. Trust in Me to protect you, and have no fear of the evil ones because they will not harm your soul.”