Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013: (St. Pope John I)
Jesus said: “My people, in My early Church you have seen the historical accounts of how many Christians were martyred for their faith. St. Paul was martyred as well as all of My apostles, except St. John. In the Gospel you read how St. John was protected from being killed, even though he was exiled on Patmos. I have made the ultimate sacrifice as a God-man by sacrificing My life for the whole of mankind throughout the ages of the past and the ages to come. This is how much I love you, that I would die for all of you. In today’s world there are Christians who are still being martyred for their faith, and many babies are dying as martyrs in abortion all over the world. It is difficult for some to think of being able to die for their belief in Me, but in these end days, there will be more martyrs for their faith. I have given you life, but your life is not your own if you give your will over to My Divine Will. My faithful should be willing to give your lives back to Me if you are tested with dying for your faith. This life is short compared to eternity, so all of My faithful need to have pure souls by frequent Confession. You need to be ready to meet Me at your judgment when I call you home to Me.”

For the Servants of Mary: I could see many doors being opened. Jesus said: “My people of this shrine, I am opening many doors of opportunity to help you to accommodate many people here during the coming tribulation. Remain faithful to Me in your prayer lives, and I will provide for your needs with many of My angels. Be not afraid, and guard My peace in your souls.”