Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several messages about the recent natural disasters and of more to come. There are also some little rays of hope when you see holy pictures and statues of Me and My saints miraculously saved in these storms. There were several postings in the news over the years when damage was all around, and a statue of Me or a saint was left untouched. There are little gifts and signs that I am still in control, and I can protect things of spiritual value. Even many homes with statues, blessed medals, scapulars, or Enthronements to the Sacred Heart have been spared destruction amidst tornadoes, floods, and fires. When you call on My protection, I will be there for you in the worst of storms. Remember how I calmed the Sea of Galilee, so I can spare My faithful some damage to their home. Other miraculous signs have been the weeping of statues with either oil or blood. Such weeping is from the sadness in heaven over the many sins and killings of mankind. Damage to things is one thing, but lost souls are the biggest concern in heaven. Pray for the victims of these disasters, but even pray more for their souls, especially those who may be called home in death. Keep your soul pure by frequent Confession because you could be called home anytime form a natural disaster.”
Jesus said: “My people, your children for the most part in America lead a sheltered life compared to what other children of the world must suffer. Your children live in modern homes, go to school, and can live the American dream of owning your own home, while having enough to eat is last on their minds. Other children have to beg for money and are fortunate to have enough to eat to survive. You complain about the high prices of food, but you have more than enough to eat every day of your lives. Those, who have more wealth than you need, should be willing to share your excess with those in foreign countries that are poor and starving. Be thankful for what you have by helping the poor in your local food shelves, and those suffering from the latest natural disasters.”