Saturday, March 7, 2009: (St. Perpetua and St. Felicity)

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I am asking everyone to love and pray for your enemies. I am all loving and I love all of My creatures, even those that do not fully love Me. This loving of enemies is difficult for the earthly body, but I am constantly calling you to be perfect as My heavenly Father is perfect. You have a choice in this life to either be purified by your purgatory on earth, or in real purgatory after your death. As you saw in the vision, in order to gain heaven, you must detach yourself from every thing and love of the world so you can be fully focused on loving Me. You will be constantly singing My praises as you worship and adore Me. This is why your daily prayers and your coming to Me in daily Adoration is preparing you for being with Me in heaven. Everything on earth is passing away so you should be most focused on those attentions of the soul which will live on forever after the body dies. Everything, that you can do on earth to store up heavenly treasures, will help offset your sins at your judgment. Use this Lenten time to help purify your soul in its preparation for one day being in heaven with all of My saints and angels.”
Jesus said: “My people, I told you earlier that you could see another war this year, and the target would be over Iran’s nuclear program. There is a concern, especially in Israel, if Iran would have nuclear weapons because they have missiles to deliver such a bomb. Israel has been threatening to bomb the nuclear plant unless Iran stops its program. Iran has also threatened to destroy all tankers leaving the Persian Gulf if they are attacked. Up to now there has only been a war of words, but this will soon change as Israel is afraid of a Nuclear Iran. Such an attack could quickly draw America into war trying to defend the oil tankers. Once a war happens, oil prices would go high because of less access to the oil ports. America is financially in no condition to suffer an oil loss and to pay for another war. Many need to pray for peace in this area so hearts and minds could be changed to stop such a war from starting.”