Saturday, March 6, 2010:

Jesus said: “My people, the Prodigal Son parable is a very timely teaching for Lent. The sacrament of Reconciliation or Confession is My gift of forgiveness for all sinners because everyone is a sinner by your weakened state. Some do not want to admit their faults. When a sinner repents, there is rejoicing in heaven, even as the father celebrated his son’s return. You are not worthy of My forgiveness on your own, but it is My Blood sacrifice that has paid the price for your offenses. I welcome the sinner with open arms, even as the father welcomed his son back. As you look at the righteous son’s response, do not be critical or envious of My generosity to sinners. Some may be forgiven lesser offenses, but still be thankful, and do not think that you do not sin at all. Those who say they do not do anything wrong, are either prideful, or they are not truly honest about their actions. I have much more love for sinners who repent than for the lukewarm persons who think that they do not need My forgiveness. Pray for all sinners to return to their Lord for forgiveness, and be forgiving of others for any offenses against you.”

Jesus said: “My people, I want to show you how you were always being watched over by Me throughout your whole life. You in turn help others as well. In your early years you are led and taught the faith by your parents or a family member strong in the faith. During your twenties you have many decisions to make that can be guided by Me in prayer. This is when you choose your education and what kind of trade or occupation that you want for your work years. In that time you also may choose your vocation in life whether to be single, married, or in the religious life. For all of these big decisions, remember to pray to Me for discernment. If you choose the married life, it is an accomplishment to find a woman or man who can best bring you to heaven. In most cases you then help bring up your children in the faith and even watch over their souls when they leave the house. You may even have an opportunity to help your grandchildren keep the faith. Pray for the salvation of all the souls in your family and be a good example to them. You also may have to help your parents in their old age, and you could be a good faith example to them as well. Throughout every stage of your life I am guiding your steps if you are open to My help. Then whenever I will call you home, you can say how you have fought the good fight against evil, and have brought souls to heaven. I will say: ‘Well done, My good and faithful servant, enter into your Master’s house where I have prepared a place for you at My wedding banquet in heaven.’”