Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014: (Lydia’s Funeral Mass)
Lydia said: “I was so happy to see my family and relatives, and all the people who came to my funeral. This is a tribute to me and many of my daughter, Carol’s friends. I want to thank Bill for coming and for his beautiful eulogy. I also want to thank the priest (Fr. Brown) for his wonderful homily. Carol outdid herself in all the readings and funeral preparations. I could never have made such preparations on my own. There was a nice service at my grave. Now, Camille and I can watch anyone who steals anything from our graves. Yes, I was playing with the radio and other signs at the prompting of Camille. We will be praying for all of you to come to Sunday Mass, and to stop smoking. Camille and I love you all so much, and I thank you again for all that you did for me in life. We will be watching you, so keep on your good behavior.”

Jesus said: “My son, it was not by accident that you have had some transportation problems with your airplane flights to your talks. Do not worry about the numbers of people who come, but be blessed that you are carrying out My mission to share My Word with the people. The evil one will try to make your travel difficult. Remember to put blessed salt around in your vehicle, and pray the long form of the St. Michael prayer for your protection. Call on My angels to protect you from the demons. You might want to leave earlier than you normally plan, so you can anticipate bad weather, detours, or border delays that could make you late to your talks. Whether you are flying or driving, take these extra precautions to prepare for any attacks of the devil to block your mission. Keep remembering your St. Michael prayer in the long form to help the souls of your family.”