Saturday, March 27, 2010: (Robert Morris Funeral Mass)

Jesus said: “My people, there are many souls that live through life handicapped in some way. As the priest said, they are ‘innocent’ and not as accountable for their behavior. I protect them in a special way from the devil’s temptations. Even despite their limitations, they are still living and loving souls that you need to respect their lives. These soul bodies, that are in these shells of physical bodies, are frustrated that they cannot fully express themselves. I love everyone of these souls as I love everyone, but these are like little children to Me that I also watch over with a special love. They are victims of disease, wars, or birth defects where there is no blame for their condition. Now I will give you over to Bobby.”

Bobby said: “You all know how much I love you when I was in my body. I am now free of my restrictions and it is beautiful to see Jesus and Mary again. I want to thank all of my family and especially Marilyn and Joanne for all that you cared for me in life. You went out of your way to make my life as comfortable as possible under difficult circumstances. I was limited in what I could do, but I was not limited in expressing my love to everyone. I enjoyed being with people and being accepted by people into their lives. I will be praying for all of you, and please keep a picture of me in plain sight so you can remember to pray to me as a prayer intercessor because Jesus listens to His little ones.”

(Palm Sunday Mass-Camille’s intention) Camille said: “I was happy to see Lydia and the rest of you at my Mass intention. I already mentioned how I was thankful for all the Masses that were able to bring me to heaven sooner. I remembered the Palm Sunday services that I went to years ago, but everything then was in Latin. The music at the Mass was beautiful, but I must admit that the heavenly music is much better. You heard from Jeanette how I have been busy down at her house too, so she did not feel left out. (He turned off the lights and turned on the fan) I am always looking to help souls get to heaven, as you know this is my new mission. Say hello to Babe, Vic, Sharon, and Carol, and tell them how much I love them.”