Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011:
Jesus said: My people, every day I send you the trials and joys of life, but you must look on everything that I send you as the gifts of today. Even problems and trials are gifts to you because they are meant to test you and purify you as silver and gold are purified with fire. You may endure some stress or pain in your lives, but you can offer these things up to Me as your share with My pain on the cross. Every day you must be willing to pick up your daily cross for My sake, and let these trials be your means of your salvation through Me. I love you, My people, but you even need to train your children to deal with survival in this valley of tears. As you train your children to know their faith, so each day’s events are used to train you in My ways which are different from man’s ways. When you help each other in your daily needs, they are the good works that I am calling you to perform in order to help your neighbor. You will see that helping people are your joys in life, and thank Me for every opportunity that I give you for the benefit of your neighbor. Pray to Me in the morning and make a recollection of your day at night. Learn from your mistakes and by meditating on them, I will show you how to improve in both your physical and spiritual life. Learn to offer up everything to Me, both the joys and the trials, and you will again understand how everything that I send to you are truly gifts of My love.”

St. Therese said: “My dear son, I want to thank all of Jesus’ sisters and friends for all the beautiful work that they are doing for the Lord. Jesus was always the center of my life, and you have seen me portrayed carrying a small cross with roses. I spoke many times of my Little Way which is focused on doing every little task with love for Jesus. When you follow Our Lord, you are offering all of your work up to Jesus. I have always thought of myself as a child of Jesus, and Our Lord has told us that we must have a child like faith in order to enter heaven. In today’s Gospel of the Prodigal Son, this is a lesson in humility in accepting that everyone is a sinner. You all need to be close to my Jesus in frequent Confession so you do not let sin keep you distant from Him. I have given you messages personally to help you in your spiritual life, especially in making the best use of your time in this life. You have recently been praying novenas to me in helping you to make your DVD and in praying for your country’s trials. I also want you to make time every day to have some quiet time so you can be listening to Jesus when He talks to your heart. If you are open to my Jesus, He will direct you in how to follow the mission that He has for your life. Every time that you pray to Jesus, you are sharing your love for Him, and He loves you so much.”

Jesus said: “My people, this ram goat that was in the vision has very powerful eyes of seduction, and this is how the Antichrist will use his demonic powers to mislead many souls into evil. He will come in My Name trying to imitate the Lamb of God, but he will be the evil wolf in sheep’s clothing. Beware of this false Christ because he will try and deceive you, but My faithful will recognize this evil imposter who will try to steal souls away from Me. This evil one will control all the media. After My Warning experience, I want My faithful to remove all televisions and computers from your homes. Do not look at the Antichrist’s eyes, or listen to his words. He will have the power of suggestion to mislead even My elect. Trust in the power of My protection at My refuges where My angels will protect you from any demons or evil people. At My refuges they will not be able to harm your body or your soul. This evil one will come during the tribulation, so avoid his mark and his image, or he could try and get you to worship him. All of these warnings are written in the Book of Revelation, but these events are before you in today’s happenings that are leading up to the declaration of the Antichrist. I am always with you in love. Have no fear of the evil ones, for I will be victorious in the end.”