Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading you are seeing in Ezechiel (chap 37) how the end times are here because you already have a Jewish state in 1948 when the Jews returned to their homeland of old. In the Gospel the Sanhedrin met, and they were afraid of Me because of My miracles and My teachings that had the people following Me as a prophet. This is why they wanted to kill Me because I was a threat to their authority. Then the High Priest said it was better that one man die for the nation, than all of the nation being killed by the Romans. There is a bit of truth in his words because I truly came on the earth as a man, so My sacrificial death could bring salvation to all of mankind. All throughout the Old Testament, the people have been promised a Messiah, and the souls of the dead were waiting for the gates of heaven to be opened. You are about to go through Holy Week, where My death on the cross will culminate with My Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Rejoice that souls can now come to heaven after being purified.”

Jesus said: “My people, you know that lava is very hot (700-1250 C), and it burns anything in its path. This hot flaming rock is what the soul bodies in hell must endure. They also suffer torments from the demons, and they will never see Me or experience love again. In addition to some of My previous descriptions of hell, I need to mention that not only are the demons ugly looking, but all the soul bodies in hell look ugly as well. On earth many bodies look beautiful, but any soul bodies in hell quickly take on an ugly look with all of the burning. This description not only inspires My evangelists to keep souls from going to hell, but it is another reason to seek the love and beauty of heaven, instead of the hate and ugliness of hell. As you see the lava flowing out of the volcanoes, there are also demons being released from them to roam about the earth. This is why you are seeing the earth becoming more evil with time. There are only two real choices, because those souls in purgatory will go to heaven eventually. You have either a love for Me for heaven, or you reject Me for hell. Do not let earthly desires of things or pleasures so blind you from worshiping your One true God. I desire that you love Me and your neighbor, and allow Me to be the Master of your lives. If you love Me, you will avoid sin, and run to Confession to cleanse your sins with My forgiveness. I love pure souls, which is why frequent Confession is your best friend to keep you holy.”