Saturday, March 22, 2008: (Easter Vigil)

Jesus said: “My people, I told My apostles beforehand that I would be killed and then rise again on the third day. I kept My promise, but My apostles were still in disbelief from the women that I sent to them. So two apostles did go to My tomb and they found the stone moved and My Body was gone, just as the women had told them. They believed then in My Resurrection and the others had this confirmed when I appeared in their midst several times. My apostles had not yet received the Holy Spirit and they did not at first grasp what My Resurrection from the dead meant. They soon realized that My death and Resurrection represented a victory over sin and death. They later realized that My purpose in My Incarnation into a man was to offer up My life as a worthy sacrifice for all of mankind’s sins. This was to show God’s infinite love for all of you, so you all could have the opportunity to come to heaven. By repenting of your sins and following My Commandments and My Will, you can find eternal salvation through Me to gain heaven. This Resurrection of Mine is why you are rejoicing in singing alleluia.”