Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, this parable of the Prodigal Son is a beautiful portrayal of My deep love and mercy for every sinner. Even though you may have committed any grave sin, I wait patiently for you to come to Me for forgiveness. In addition to seeking My forgiveness, you should be ready to ask forgiveness from anyone that you may have wronged in any way. Once you have made amends for your sins, then you will be prepared to bring your gift to Me at the altar at Mass. Also be willing to forgive others any injustice that was done to you just as the older son had to accept his father’s call for peace and forgiveness. See the great generosity of the father who forgave his son, and even held a celebration for his return. Even so in heaven all the angels and saints rejoice in praising God for every sinner that comes to conversion and is healed in their soul. I not only cleanse the sins from your soul, but I also flood your soul with My abundant graces so you will be strengthened to resist any future temptations of the devil. Even though I am patient and I wait for your free will decision to seek My forgiveness, I must warn you how important it is, especially in mortal sin, to come to have your sins forgiven in frequent Confession. In mortal sin your soul is spiritually dead, and even your guardian angel has difficulty helping you to avoid further sin. In this weakened state of mortal sin, you are much more vulnerable to future mortal sins. A pure confessed soul will be more protected from sin, which is why frequent Confession at least monthly is needed for your spiritual health. I love you so much and I desire all souls to come to heaven, but each soul needs to take a forward step so I can receive you as the father of the prodigal son.”
Jesus said: “My people, I have given you messages about places of My refuges, and one of those conditions would be that it would be a place where My Blessed Mother had given her apparitions, or messages to a chosen person. Two other conditions are that the land should be consecrated to Me by a priest and there would be a place of miraculous spring water that would be clear to drink. The well on this land may have to be dug deeper in order to have a reservoir storage for any particles to settle. My Blessed Mother and I are truly blessing Linny’s mission on this land to carry out My Will to help the people during the coming tribulation. She will be given personal instructions of what she is to do in preparation for these times. I am confirming your mission and you need to pray for continued discernment in this work. Thank you for saying yes to your mission.”