Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012: (St. Ephrem)
Jesus said: “My people, St. Paul talked about evangelizing souls, and this is a large part of My faithful’s mission. You have read in the Scriptures how the prophets were anointed with oil. After My Resurrection I want My faithful anointed also in Baptism and Confirmation with the holy oils. For you are priests, prophets, and kings when you spread My Word in converting souls to the faith. The ambry in each church holds the holy oils for My sacraments. This anointing of each person makes him or her a member of My Church, and it bestows My graces of My sacraments on you to strengthen each of you for your own mission. Rejoice in this fellowship of Christians who follow My ways and imitate My life. I love all of My people, and I will send My angels to assist you in your work.”

Jesus said: “My people, your financial transactions in the futures and options markets are very risky, and they can be likened to bets made in a Las Vegas casino. This area of finances is called the derivatives market that have stocks and bonds as the underlying asset. These bets can be leveraged to as much as 2000 to 1. If a bet wins, the owner makes a lot of money, but if that owner loses, there can be some big losses. In the last financial crisis of 2008 many derivative bets were insured by AIG. This financial institution held bets from the banks of many nations. Your central bankers swindled the American taxpayers by bailing out all of these bad derivatives in the billions of dollars that benefitted even foreign banks. There is no regulation of these dangerous bets, yet your taxpayers are backing these bad debts. The five top banks are leveraged for liabilities that amount to over $200 trillion which is three times the total value of the world’s economies. If these banks lose their bets, as one bank has already lost several billion dollars, there is not enough money in the world to bail them out. Only the Federal Reserve could print that much money, but it would inflate the dollar so much that the dollar would be worth next to nothing. The Federal Reserve and your taxpayers should not be liable to cover these bank debts. You can see how if these bets go bad, that the bricks of your financial institutions will come tumbling down as in the vision, and this crash of your money system will bring about a takeover. It is this martial law possibility that is the plan for the one world people’s takeover of America. This is why I have been warning My faithful to have food and be prepared to leave for My refuges. Trust in Me that I will bring My victory over these evil ones after the Antichrist’s short reign.”