Saturday, June 7, 2008: (Widow’s mite)

Jesus said: “My people, giving money to My Church and charities is a very difficult subject to bring up to people who are hurting from the increased cost of living, increasing taxes, job losses, and destroyed homes from natural disasters. Everyone needs their own personal wealth to buy your necessities to live. Some have other demands on their income for education of their children or helping relatives in assisted living or health problems. Donations to charity are down because of these problems. Still after the bills are paid, there is some discretionary money that could be used for charity. The question is usually a choice between how much you spend on charity, entertainment, extra purchases for the house, and saving. This is the spiritual discernment that all people have to make, but there should be a desire to spend a proportional amount for charities, and not just a lip service donation. Not everyone can give a lot of money to support My Church and for charities, but what you give should be a meaningful amount for your situation. You have an earthly desire to enjoy movies, restaurants, and buying the latest electronic machines. But your spiritual desire to help My Church and your neighbor in need should also be balanced. The more that you have left over after your bills, the more you should be giving to your charities.”
Jesus said: ‘My people, the easy ways of finding and pumping crude oil are becoming harder to find. Yet the demand for oil, indicated by its high price, is continuing to increase. The countries exporting oil are creating difficult ways to deal with them because their ideas of government are very different from America. There are other ways of finding oil which could be implemented at the high cost of oil that would pay for its extraction,but environmentalists are blocking this road. Until other means of getting oil can be brought online, you could see world demand for oil cause some shortages when the current wells will produce less than today. These temporary shortages could drastically affect your economy and your standard of living. Seeing a businessman riding a bicycle shows you how desperate it will be to find transportation when gasoline may be scarce, rationed, or prohibitively expensive. Your love with your car for getting around will soon be tested as gasoline shortages start showing up. Wars, terrorism, and threatened oil tankers could start to cause shortages that you never planned on. The one world people know how dependent you are on your fuels and electricity. They will use these necessities against you in order to gain control over your country. Be prepared to go to My refuges once they declare martial law for whatever reason.”