Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, in today’s readings you are reading about unusual miracles that I performed to strengthen the faith of My believers. In the first reading My angels brought a message to Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son, Isaac. This was not normal to conceive a child beyond a woman’s child bearing years, so I did the impossible to show that I could do anything. I healed the centurion’s servant from a distance, and I healed St. Peter’s mother-in-law from a fever. In the vision I did another impossible miracle of calming the storm while I was in a boat with My apostles. My faithful need to have full faith in My miracles that go beyond your natural occurrences. You will be seeing a coming time of persecution when the one world people and the Antichrist will try to kill My believers. There will be some who are martyred for their faith, but they will become instant saints in heaven. I will be having refuges at My Blessed Mother’s places of apparition, shrines, places of holy ground, monasteries, and even caves. I will perform impossible miracles of protection with My angels’ invisible shields. At My refuges you will have My Eucharist, food, fuels, water, and all of your needs multiplied. Believe and trust in Me that I can do the impossible for you, for nothing is beyond My power. Do not limit your belief to only natural occurrences, because My power goes beyond what you know on earth. Those people, who are faithful to Me in little things, will receive My reward in the Era of Peace and later in heaven.”

(Vigil Mass) Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel you read about the faith of the woman who had the hemorrhages. She believed that if she touched My clothes, that she would be healed. Healings can come from Me, but the person who desires a healing, must have faith that I can heal them. I performed an even greater miracle when I raised the young girl from death into life again. Many people became believers because of My miracles. There are also spiritual healings which can help save souls from the evil ones. Spiritual healings are even greater than physical healings. Your body will pass away, but your purified souls will live on forever. Seek the spiritual healings more than any healing of the body.”

Ferdinand said: “I am overjoyed to see all of my Gospa people and friends. I am not worthy of your tribute for myself, but it is better to give glory to God for all that He did through my life. I am joined with Barbara in heaven, and we will be praying for all of your families. Remember what I said about turning off your TVs. You will have more time for working and praying with Jesus and Mary. Remember also how powerful it is for your families if you pray together, especially the spouses. I thank Juliet for putting this tribute together, but I am happy to see all of you renew your friendships together. I was more than happy to contribute my paintings to help Gospa’s mission. Thank you again for all those people who helped me in my last years. I love all of you, and Barbara and I will be praying and watching out for all of your families.”