Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, as you hear the readings of today, you see how I answer your prayer when you ask in faith. I fulfilled My promise to Abraham that he would have many descendants by giving him Isaac in his old age by a miracle. I performed a miracle of healing the Centurion’s servant from a distance because of his great faith. You, yourself, have seen many miracles performed for people through My grace and your faith. I remind you all again that those, who have faith in a requested healing, can be healed through My instruments that also have faith in their prayers. Even as you approach the end times, My instruments will be graced with more healings. When you finally come to My refuges, you will see healings of all of your sicknesses and pains as you look upon My luminous cross and drink from My miraculous springs of water. So have faith in your petitions, and your prayers will be answered. The most important request is to pray for conversions in faith because the souls are more in need of saving than curing the body. You are dealing with free will in trying to change people’s spiritual lives, but I will hear your persistent prayer to save even the worst of sinners. Again, have faith in your prayers of conversion, and it will be granted.”
(Sunday Mass) Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel you read of an unusual healing of Jairus’ daughter from the grave. I raised her from the dead to show that I not only have healing power, but I also have power over life and death. This rising from the dead is a preview of My own Resurrection which came later on. When I consecrated the bread and wine at the Last Supper, this was to now represent My Body and Blood after I died and resurrected. This is the connection of the vision of grapes and wheat as I brought the young girl back to life. There is also a promise being made to My faithful that after the final judgment, My faithful will also be resurrected body and soul for all eternity with Me in heaven. Rejoice that one day you will be joined with your soul and a glorified body to be whole again.”