Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of fire and water can become the blessing or the curse as the people of America choose in their actions. Without a change of heart to stop your wars and abortions, you will see a continuation of the natural disasters that are all around you. The fire can come as fires in your places of hard droughts where you have seen millions of acres burned in the last few years. The water could come in violent thunderstorms which could cause more flooding in the same areas. If America hears My Word and repents of your sins, especially a stoppage of gay marriages, then the fire could become a blessing of the tongues of fire from the Holy Spirit. With repentance you could see the blessing of water in the Baptism of conversions and the proper amount of rain to prevent droughts and floods. America has this choice of life or death before you in your free will as a nation. I can only encourage you to choose life, or you will curse the darkness.”