Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016:
Jesus said: “My people, you had two powerful readings today. The first reading was a punishment of Israel for worshiping pagan gods. This was similar to the Breach in Jonathan Cahn’s ‘Harbingers’ where he likened it to America’s attack on 9-11-01. In Israel the Armenians destroyed many things, and killed many soldiers with a small force. The second reading of the Gospel is where I told the people not to worry about what they are to eat, or what they are to wear, or where they are to live. I also said not to worry about tomorrow because today has enough troubles of its own. I told them one of your favorite Scripture passages: ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will be given to you.’ When you love Me and trust in My help, I will see to all of your needs, and My angels will protect you from the evil ones.”

(4:00 p.m. Mass) Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you another experience of what will happen when I will bring My Warning upon everyone. This flash of light will occur when your soul will leave your body, and you will be outside of time. You will see your soul body passing quickly through this tunnel to My Light at the end of the tunnel. You will have a life review of all of your life’s actions with an emphasis on remembering your unforgiven sins. You will then have a mini-judgment to heaven, purgatory, or hell. When you see Me, you will know that I am the Christ, and the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. I will also tell you that you will only be able to come to heaven through Me. Those people, who do not choose to love Me, do not repent, and do not allow Me to be their Master, are on a path to hell. You will be placed back into your body in time, and you will have a second chance to change your life, so you could be on a path to heaven. I will bring this Warning experience to everyone at the same time so all sinners will have one last chance to be saved. You will have six weeks after the Warning to convert your life, and you can help convert your family members who will then be more open to your evangelization efforts. Trust in My protection, and I will bring you to heaven.”