Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, these farmers in the Midwest in the vision are feeling frustrated with their crops being destroyed by the floods. These financial losses will affect everyone’s food prices and could even cause food shortages if these problems persist. So all Americans should have an interest in helping the farmers. Now is the best time to pray for a normal rainfall after the floods have dried out, so farmers can try to salvage the rest of the growing season. Not only should the farmers pray, but all Americans need to pray for an end to the flooding. Without your grain supply, many of your foodstuffs made from grain will become higher priced and possibly in short supply. You remember when Florida’s governor prayed for a stoppage of the fires. Well now even your officials in these flooded states may want to pray also for an end to this flooding. America is being humbled with natural disasters, but see this as an opportunity to help each other, and the need for prayer in your lives.”