Saturday, June 13, 2009: (St. Anthony of Padua)

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages concerning the need to come to My refuges for protection during the tribulation of the Antichrist. I have also comforted you in promising My angels will bring daily Communion to you at My refuges if you do not have a priest for a Mass. My Blessed Sacrament is your daily spiritual food that strengthens you with My grace to bear the day’s burdens. You are seeing in this vision how the angels will bring Hosts from a nearby tabernacle and multiply them for everyone to have a Host. Even if there are no more tabernacles on earth, I will bring Hosts down from heaven even as the people in the Exodus had manna from heaven on the ground. In your modern day Exodus you will have a heavenly Bread even with a physical form that will be My Body and Blood to share. I will take care of My faithful in the end times not only with your physical needs, but also your spiritual needs in My daily Communion. In the same way with Confession, if you do not have a priest, I will accept your Act of Contrition prayer to forgive your sins so you can receive Me in Communion more worthily. Give praise and thanks to Me who understands your needs and grants you My blessings.”
Jesus said: “My people, as you look at this track in a tunnel, you know that it is the train that will take many to their deaths in the detention center death camps. The one world people already have lists for who is to be killed both before and after martial law is declared. They have prepared vented boxcars with shackles to hold the prisoners. Do not fear if you are called to be a martyr for your faith in Me. I will lessen any pain and you will become an instant saint in heaven. Those, who leave their homes quickly at My call, could avoid martyrdom by going to My refuges of protection. In either case you are dependent on Me for everything, and you will need to have full trust in Me to protect your soul from the evil one. I am at your side always, so you can call on My help in this test of your faith. You need to accept being stripped of all of your money and your possessions. Desire to follow My Will in life and death because this life is passing away. By offering everything up to Me every day in your total consecration, you indeed will have your eternal life with Me in heaven. Heaven is your goal, so prolonging this life only postpones your eventual death. Accept everything that I put in your path as My Will for you, and you will have My peace in your soul.”