Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010: (Immaculate Heart of Mary)
Our Lady said: “My dear children, you have heard my Son, Jesus, describe the places of refuge, and one of them is at places of my apparitions to my little ones. You are being shown the water that came forth from the ground at Lourdes, France when I directed St. Bernadette to dig a hole at that place. This became a spring of healing water and Lourdes is famous for so many physical healing gifts. What you may not know is that many souls are healed as well with the spring water. I am emphasizing this healing spring water because this will be found at every refuge just like at Lourdes. Even if a refuge may not originally have water on the land, after the tribulation begins, there will come forth a spring of healing water. This healing will be in addition to the luminous cross that will be at places as Garabandal, Spain where I also gave apparitions to the young girls. Rejoice that you are being cared for by my Son and the angels at the refuges prepared for my dear children.”

Jesus said: “My people, those, who work for a living, do need a rest and some time for recreation. The problem comes when people spend too much time watching TV and they forget about their other responsibilities, especially their prayer time. Usually, in a home situation each member of the family should make their contribution to keep their dwelling clean both inside and in the yard. Working for a living is expected for most people, but some have difficulty finding work, or are content to be on welfare. You have been given a gift of time and good health, so everyone has to make an accounting of your time when you come to My judgment. It is best to fill your time with work, prayer, and good works as evangelizing souls. This life is very challenging in providing a living, and bringing up your children in the faith. Pray that you will have the strength and courage to carry out the mission that I have given you without letting your own worldly desires interfere. Your spiritual life requires daily prayer to nourish it, even as you rely on praying to Me in helping you with your daily troubles. Keep focused on Me in your life and avoid wasting your precious time on earth.”