Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, some people would be amazed how loving and kind Joseph was to his brothers, who sold him into slavery in Egypt. But Joseph realized that I took something evil, and I turned it into something good. Joseph used his gift of interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream to determine how to protect many people. He saw seven fat cows as seven years of plenty to store the grain, but then he saw seven skinny cows representing seven years of famine. By preparing for the famine, Joseph was able to have grain for many neighboring peoples, including his own family. Do not lie as the brothers did in order to save their lives. Instead, see how I can change many bad situations into good results, because I can do the impossible. This is why you need to trust in My ways to provide for My people. Just as Joseph was able to prophesy the coming famine, so I have been giving you messages to prepare for a coming world famine. I have advised My people to have a year’s supply of food as Joseph saved the food for his famine. This will be needed before you will have to go to My refuges. All of the people, who are making refuges, were also advised to store food and have an independent supply of water. My angels will make you invisible, and I will have deer come into your camps for meat. My angels will give you daily Communion as your spiritual Manna. Be thankful that I am preparing refuges of protection for My faithful to protect them from the Antichrist of the coming tribulation. I am taking an evil time, and I will be using it to help My faithful lead saintly lives. By stripping your worldly possessions, you will lead simple, holy lives of prayer.”