Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday, July 5, 2014: (St. Anthony Zaccaria)
Jesus said: “My people of America, you are celebrating your Independence, but the movie that you watched (‘America’) asked what would life be like without America? You are one of the few countries that put Me in your documents, and even in your pledge of allegiance to your flag. Many of your atheists are trying to remove My Name in all that you do. You have many inventors, philanthropists, and good business ideas that have made your economy what it is today. But you have some serious socialists, and even communists that have a plan to bring your country down. Their targets have been your morals, your families, and even your jobs and work ethics. You have seen drugs, pornography, living in fornication, homosexual marriages, and now open marijuana sales, which have been destroying your families and your morals. When you turn your backs on Me in your sins, and you are not worshiping Me on Sundays, then I will remove your blessings that have made your country great.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are many souls that are searching all their lives to find peace in their souls. At first, they seek money and possessions of this world. They are joyful for a brief time, but they do not find peace in their souls. You can only find this peace in Me. This is why you cannot find spiritual peace in the material things of this world, no matter how hard you try. The soul is always seeking its Creator, and I am the only One who can satisfy your spiritual yearning. For those, who are searching for peace, you can direct them to come to know Me in My sacraments. Once a person finds Me and loves Me, that person will want to be refreshed often with My Eucharist. When you have My peace in your soul, you do not want to lose it. This is why you should desire to stay in My grace, and do not let anything disturb your peace. When you fall into sin, you can lose your peace, but this can be refreshed when you come to Me in Confession. Your soul knows well how to find its peace with Me, so seek to be close to Me in your prayers and in your Masses.”