Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, prayers and preparation for Confession are spiritual needs for every soul. You are in a world where few are praying every day, yet there is more sin than ever before. This is why I have stressed with you the need to promote prayer in the rosary and the Mysteries, how to prepare to make a good examination of conscience for Confession, and encourage people to have more Adoration and visits to My Blessed Sacrament. The devil is working to distract you from your spiritual traditions, and especially the young people with cell phones, television, movies, and the internet. Your eternal salvation is in bringing your souls to Me and this is the most important concern for you in this life. Saving souls from hell, and loving Me and your neighbor are also what you should be striving for. The more you can help souls in their spiritual life, the more treasure that you will be storing up in heaven. So share your faith with others and be willing to bring My love into their lives.”
Jesus said: “My people, some of you like to make a good appearance in a well kept lawn around your house. It usually requires occasional feeding of nourishment with fertilizer and water. It is also helpful to either pull out your weeds, or use some light amounts of weed killer to keep the weeds and grubs under control. Your soul also demands some care in nourishment from My Body and Blood for food and drink. I have told you many times that he, who eats My Body and drinks My Blood, will have eternal life more than this earthly life. In the same way that you remove the weeds, your souls also need to be cleansed of the weeds of sin and any addictions. Give praise and glory to Me that I see to your spiritual life with My living sacraments. Give Me thanks for instituting these sacraments for you, and for My sacrifice on the cross which has made atonement for your sins.”