Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010: (our 45th wedding anniversary)
Jesus said: “My people of America, you are celebrating your country’s 234th Anniversary of your Independence day. The vision of the eagle represents America as you have on your older coins. The eagle taking to flight represents your freedoms that are slowly being taken away from you one by one. The freedom to worship Me should be your most guarded freedom, but even Christians are being persecuted more and more. Enjoy being able to come to Mass and Adoration because these days are numbered. Many people do not understand the meaning of a democratic republic or the words of your documents in the Declaration of Independence and your Constitution. If you compare your present laws to these original documents, then you would see how many freedoms have been limited or taken away. Pray for your people to endure the tribulation that is coming. I love all of you in America because your founding fathers put My Name in your documents and on your money-In God We Trust.”

(Wedding Mass for Andrew & Sarah) Jesus said: “My people, you do not always see a vision of the spirits in people as well as their angels. This was a special enlightenment to see the joy in the physical faces as well as in their soul body faces in the spirit. A wedding is a beautiful time to be sharing your love with each other, and it is blessed by Me at the Mass. I am always the third partner in every consecrated marriage, even though I did not sign your document. I already have signed My image in each one of your souls because you are all made in My Image when you were given a free will that I will never violate. This bond of marriage is a commitment to your vows and your vocation as husband and wife. Those, who have been married for many years, give testimony to this love commitment. The prayers of the relatives and friends go with Andrew and Sarah as they embark on this sealed love relationship. Give the newlyweds your love and encouragement as you support them in their marriage. I love all couples and I encourage you to pray for each other as husbands and wives help each other to come to Me in heaven. Even those, who may be divorced or separated, need to pray for each other’s souls. Rejoice in sharing your love together because a true marriage is your closest earthly experience of how you can experience My love for you and in My Eucharist. After receiving Me in Holy Communion, you are overwhelmed with My love, even if you cannot fully experience it or understand My gift of Myself to you.”