Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, this picture of the Divine Mercy shows how I am constantly showering you with My mercy and My graces. I am always here for each of you to support you in your battle with the evil one’s temptations. The devil is the enemy who is constantly planting his seeds of evil in your souls. In the vision you are seeing a glorious shield with rays of power coming out. This represents My protection that I offer all souls who have trust in My help. Welcome Me into your heart and soul, so I can defend you from the devil’s temptations. You have a society that praises sinful lifestyles, and the people of the world are praising worldly things, instead of Me. Those, who are following Christian principles of their faith, will be persecuted because of their purity of soul, and their goals are not worldly. You feel more comfortable with friends of your prayer group, who think alike in your morals. Keep praying for the wayward souls, but you do not have to befriend the worldly ways to have friends. The Christian friends that you have, will be with you at My refuges. Rejoice that you will have My protection from the Antichrist at My refuges. I will put up a shield of invisibility around you so that your enemies cannot see you.”

Jesus said: “My people, when your people allow the bankers in the Federal Reserve to control the money printing presses, and the interest rates, you are setting yourselves up for crashes and thievery. The bankers lower the interest rates to zero and the stock market sets record highs. Then they contract the money supply and raise rates to create a market crash. Right now savers are getting very little interest while the Federal Reserve is stealing your mortgages with Federal Notes made out of thin air without any true value. They are getting ready to crash the market again to steal the people’s money invested in stocks. The greed of the bankers drives them to desire total control over the people and their money. If you had debt free money, you would not have the major National Debt that you have of over $17 trillion. These same greedy bankers could crash your currency just as easy as they could crash the stock market. When they want to take over America, they could put you in bankruptcy for not being able to pay your debt or the interest. They will then make a new currency, and all of your dollars would become worthless. The one world people have most of their wealth in tangible assets as gold, silver, and real estate. They own very little in paper stocks or paper money. When markets go bankrupt, they do not lose anything. When prices are low, they buy everything very cheaply. These evil ones will pay dearly for stealing the people’s money. The rich are getting richer, while most people’s income is decreasing. At the judgment, I will settle accounts with them, and many will suffer either in hell or in deep purgatory.”