Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, as you honor My Blessed Mother today, you are reminded how she always reached out to help people, as she helped St. Elizabeth. My Blessed Mother is a holy example to you to help others in their physical needs. Be generous in helping people with your time and your money. Remember how I said if your brother asks you to go one mile, then you should go with him for two miles. Again be generous also with your spiritual gifts in bringing Me to convert souls from their sins. You have a beautiful love relationship with Me, and you need to share My love and invite others to love Me as well. Your children and your family need to come close to Me through your prayer efforts. Call on Me to help you to teach them about Me through the power of the Holy Spirit. I love all of you and you need to share your love with Me and your neighbor. Give praise and glory to Me for every opportunity that you have to receive Me in Holy Communion.”
Jesus said: “My people, the blood of the martyrs on this land is the seed of faith for the people. There have been many battles on this area because man has not stopped fighting with each other to occupy the land. As you saw in the vision, killing in previous years was very vicious. You are not seeing such killing here now, but there will come a time again when My faithful will be persecuted and the evil ones will seek you out to kill you. At that time My angels will lead you to places of protection at refuges where My angels will make you invisible and provide for your needs. You again will see vicious killing when some of My people will be martyred for their faith. Fear not this time, for My martyrs will have their pain minimized as they will become instant saints. The land of the martyrs is consecrated by their blood. The angels will lead you to the exact area that is consecrated.”
Jesus said: “My son, I want to give you the layout for the DVD on Adoration. Have a few minutes of introduction for the DVD and introduce two two-minute spots of Adoration at two different places. The silence during that time is how I talk to your souls in contemplative prayer. Then give a 15 minute talk on Adoration from My messages, and introduce the interview with Father Peter. Follow the interview with another 15 minute talk on understanding My Real Presence. End the remaining ten minutes with an explanation of at least two or more places of Miracles of the Eucharist. The purpose of this DVD is to encourage more Adoration of My Blessed Sacrament, and to explain how My Real Presence of My Body and Blood are present in My consecrated Host and the Wine. The more people, that view this DVD, will see the power of My Blessed Sacrament in their lives over the evil forces of the world.”