Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015: (St. Camillis de Lellis, Chuck’s 50 ann. Mass for us)
Jesus said: “My people, after the firstborn among the Egyptians were slain by the destroying angel, the Pharaoh let My people go. Moses led the people out into the desert in search of the Promised Land. During the Exodus, the people roamed the desert for forty years. They were protected at the Red Sea from the Egyptian soldiers. They were given manna in the morning to eat, and in the evening they had quail come into the camp for their meat. Moses struck the rock for water, and he held up the bronze serpent to heal those who were bitten by the seraph serpents. This is a foreshadowing of the modern day Exodus that My people will suffer during the coming tribulation. My angels will defend you with an invisible shield from those trying to kill you. You will see a luminous cross or you will drink spring water to be healed of all of your ailments. You will have My Flesh and Blood to take in daily Holy Communion by My angel or by a priest. You will have springs of water to drink, and deer will come into your camps for meat. I will be lifted up on the cross to free you from your bondage of sin. At the end of the tribulation, I will destroy the evil ones, and recreate the earth, as you will be brought into your own Promised Land of My Era of Peace. You will rejoice in My victory over the evil ones, just as the Egyptian soldiers were drowned in defeat.”

Our Lady said: “My dear children, I love all of you, and I am happy that you could come to my shrine each year, as I bring you to my Son, Jesus, in the Mass. Thank you for praying my rosary for your intentions. You know how there are different views on many subjects, but my children need to be faithful to your Catholic teachings. You are faced today with abortions, homosexual marriage, and couples living together in fornication. You need to separate the sin from the sinner because you are all sinners. You are called to love all of your neighbors, but you do not have to accept their sinful behavior as being right. If you are directly questioned about a truth of my Son’s Church, you need to abide by the Commandments, and admit the above sins are serious mortal sins. Even if you are threatened by those who think differently, you need to keep faithful to my Son’s teachings.”

Jesus said: “My people, you see people in pain all around you, as they are suffering from poor legs or other ailments. I want you to pray for all those people who are suffering in pain today. I pray that those people, who are suffering, could offer up their pain to Me to help souls in need of conversion. Even St. Therese offered up all of her daily actions to Me for redemptive merit. All of you could so the same in offering up all of your actions to help people spiritually and physically. By uniting your actions and pains on the cross with Me, you can help many souls in their trials. You can also offer up your prayers and pains to help the poor souls in purgatory who are suffering their pain of purification. The more you can suffer with Me for other souls, the more treasure you will be storing up in heaven for your judgment, to offset the punishment due for your sins. You can also call on Me to help you fight the evil ones when they are attacking you. You need to have faith that I can help you in any distress. You prayed to Me in confidence that I could get you through to your website, when it was not working all day. After your prayer, you were successful in uploading your recent messages, and your new speaking places with the details. Give praise and thanks to Me for coming to your assistance in faith.”